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Huna Plant Perfumes are an innovative new way to experience Natural Fragrance.  Clean, healthy, safe, natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free Plant-based Perfumes, scented with real pure fruit, flower and herbal extracts.

Huna Plant Perfume in BEAN scent is a sexy, rich, warm, romantic and exotic natural fragrance.  A creamy seductive unadulterated true vanilla.  The scent is 100% pure Vanilla bean, artfully extracted to retain its pure warm rich distinct scent.

Huna Plant Perfume Mist is an elevated high-performing natural and clean Eau de Toilette which is concentrated to last for hours.

Plant Perfume Mist - BEAN

SKU: 45623950
  • Organic Denatured Ethyl Alcohol* (Sugar cane), Supercritical CO2 Vanilla bean extract* (Vanilla planifolia), Aqua.  95% Organic.

    *Organic or Wild-harvested ingredients

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