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The practice of smoke being used to cleanse and communicate with our ancestors and the earth is a long standing practice in many cultures and religions. Smoke cleansing is not to be confused with the practice of smudging. Smoke cleansing on the other hand involves an individuals own meditation and intention practice. Need to include crystals, invoke a spell or create your own mantras? No problem! Smoke cleansing is not linked to any particular culture or practice; there is space for an individual to create a practice that works for them and their space.


Protection Smoke Stick: Dragonsblood + Eucalyptus - approx. 4-5"

Includes herbal healing legend & burn instructions

Dragons Blood: Known to heal, protect and provide power when burned. Often used in rituals to increase a spell's potency for protection and strength.

Eucalyptus: Known to purify and protect by uplifting spirits and clearing stagnant energy.


Made by Sol & Luna in Vancouver, BC

Protection: Eucalyptus + Dragonsblood Smoke Stick

SKU: 17986276
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