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Unveil brighter, healthier eyes in just a few minutes. 

Seaflora’s Signature Wild Seaweed Eye Masques are made with the highest quality hand harvested and sun-dried seaweed. Studies show kelp can naturally stimulate hyaluronic acid and collagen production. Seaweed also offers it’s own sustainable vegan collagen.

  • reduce puffiness
  • lighten dark circles
  • reduce inflammation
  • use on forehead, cheeks, chin
  • soothe irritated skin

Safe for the most sensitive skin. Nourish your delicate skin with Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K, and essential trace minerals like magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, and more. Re-use one pair multiple times and they will last you about a week. Each order comes with ten pairs. When done, simply compost or throw in your flower pot!

Wild Sun-Dried Seaweed Eye Masques

SKU: 43894345
  • 10 Pair Wild, Organic Sun Dried Seaweed Masques

  • Soak Wild Sun-dried Seaflora Eye Masque in warm water for 1-2 min. When the masque has softened, place under the eye and allow to sit for 15 – 20 minutes. The Eye Masque acts to reduce the appearance of inflammation and nourish the delicate skin surrounding the eyes with essential marine vitamins and minerals.

    Pro Tip: Run under warm water for 10 seconds. Lay flat and rehydrate with a Seaflora Serum. The Eye Masques will stick better under the eye and be much more effective at visibly improving the skin.

    Each pair can be reused 5-6 times. Lay them out to dry in between uses and rehydrate when ready for another application. These pure seaweed masques can be put directly into your compost or garden after uses to help nourish the soil!

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